12 coups de midi : Eric reveals the only and inexpensive gift that he offered with his winnings

Eric, the current master of the 12 Strokes of noon, has over 600 000 euros in prize money. A round sum with which he will be able to deliver large projects. Yet, the foal of Jean-Luc Reichmann is offered a small gift for his first victory.

The victories strung together and the gains are only up for Eric, the grand master of the 12 coups de midi.Freshly landed in the Top 3 after it passed the 100 victories of the legendary Tata Véro, the candidate of 45 years , there is now only one goal in mind : to reach the first place in the rankings. Yet it was still a long way to go if it hopes to dethrone Christian Quesada and Paul, two candidates that have marked the history of the game. The first, currently in detention, has in effect reached the 193 entries when the second one has been eliminated at the end of its 153ème victory. The husband of Stephanie does not, however, the pressure. It must be said that it is with a calm, almost olympian he happened to raise more than 655 000 € of gains. But if he hopes to climb even further up the ranks, it is not so much for the money.

Eric acknowledges “tastes are very simple”

What interests especially the draughtsman, it is the challenge. In fact, Eric did not have big dreams to achieve. Every time he is asked what he will do with his winnings, the father of three children replied soberly that he will make a few trips and especially the future of its children. In effect, the power to pay for their education is what is most important in his eyes. But as it comes from the reveal to the Woman Current, it comes to have a small fun. The latter is very modest, since this is a guitar used a value of 300 euros. “I have all ways tastes very simple […] I have a little trouble getting accustomed to having such a sum of money,” acknowledged the grand champion in the columns of the magazine. That the viewers don’t care for him, the master of midi will know how to find a way to spend his fortune amassed in The 12 coups de midi !