50 years ago, the wedding Al Bano and Romina Power, she said, “Without him I would not have made the singer”

The 26th of July, 1970 was celebrated in Cellino San Marco, one of the weddings the most celebrated of Italian history, music and gossip: the one between Al Bano and Romina Power, that in 50 years are no longer husband and wife but continue in a sense to be still a couple, at least in the collective imagination. The separation in 1999 after 29 years of marriage, with divorce final in 2012 and the report of Al Bano with Loredana Lecciso, still his partner, they do not prevent the public to see “Al Bano and Romina” as a whole. Also because, in the end, I really am, at least from the artistic point of view.

Romina Power says, is the association with Al Bano

If the two singers have never satisfied the fans with the return of the flame, continue to be at least a couple on the stage, from when they decided to go back to singing together in 2014. Interviewed by the Corriere della Sera on the occasion of this 50th “anniversary”, Romina says that on the first date of the reunion, she recalls with affection, especially the joy of finding again the mother-in-law Jolanda (“I could Not see for a few years. For me it was truly moving”) and admits that their meeting and their love has affected their careers:

Al Bano bulky? Not much… But it does not fit in a suitcase! The public does not think about it disjoint? Perhaps that’s because we have seen grow. Have made a bit of a habit to see us together. Or maybe because we’ve recorded hundreds of songs, and the music is eternal, when we leave our bodies, the songs will remain. Probably if we were not in love, we would not have written songs and sang together. We hadn’t planned anything… he taught Me how to stand up on stage and face the audience. I was a shyness and insecurity scary! I absorbed and made my his ease. And I think I’ve lightened his tendency to melodrama. (…) But I have always been bothered by people digging through my surname. When a presenter announced that “Al Bano and Romina,” I added always “Power”. We are not “Albano and Romina”. If I had not met Albano I probably would have continued to pray and I would not have taken in the full career of a singer. Nobody does anything alone, we are all interdependent. If I could go back, however, studierei direction, and would do mainly that.

Al Bano near Romina after the death of her sister

The Power was recently devastated by a death very painful. In June, is dead, his sister Taryn, as she is the daughter of actors Tyrone Power and Linda Christian. A year and a half fighting against the leukemia. He is off in Wisconsin, far from the sister who is currently in Italy. Romina has admitted that in this sad moment, Al Bano the was near: “I was surprised. I wrote the words are very touching”. In the years ’70, from the rest, Al Bano, his brother, Franco Carrisi, Romina and Taryn formed a quartet, the protagonist of several disks.