A footballer of the club of Angers continued to exhibitionism

Farid El Melali, the middle ground of Angers SCO, club of first division French, is prosecuted for exhibitionism. He was arrested while he masturbait watching his neighbor, a young college student.

In the world of football, life is complicated. The footballers are deprived of land since mid-march, and will not see him again not so soon, since the season has finally been arrested. In the world of SCO Angers, Ligue 1 team of the championship of France, nothing will, not more, on the extra-sportif. Last February, the president of the club, Saïd Chabane, has been indicted for sexual assaults, aggravated. This time, this is a player who became the legal tale : Farid El Melali is prosecuted for exhibitionism sexual.

A year of imprisonment

The case dates back to Monday 4 may. The footballer is posted in an inner courtyard of his residence. According to a source close to the investigation, quoted by L’equipe, the player is spotted by a neighbor while he is masturbating in setting a young student, who is also her neighbor. Farid El Melali has been arrested by the police at 22: 50, shortly after the facts. Placed in custody, the player has quickly acknowledged the facts alleged against him. As of Tuesday, may 5, the international algerian has been released. He risk a 15,000 euro fine and one year imprisonment. His club has commented soberly information, ensure to have “aware” of the situation without making further comments, “for the moment”. His lawyer, quoted by the Mail of the West, has come to the defence of the accused : “He has had a difficulty controlling his impulses, but there is no precedent, of any nature whatsoever. It was not aimed at anyone and was not aggressive towards anyone.” One thing no one argues, however not in his favor : two weeks before his arrest, Farid El Melali had already been seen by the same neighbor for a similar offence, but the latter had not been able to identify it at the time. The 22 year old is expected to go to appearance this summer.