“A kiss between Gaetano Arena and Amber Lombardo,” comes the replication of Kikò Nalli

Him, her and the other. The latest gossips tell of a kiss that would send between Amber Lombardo and Gaetano Arena, former competitors of Big Brother conducted in the spring by Barbara d’urso, despite the engagement of her with another ex-roommate, or Kikò Nalli. Show the photos of Amber and Gaetano is the paparazzo, Alex Torrent in ‘Afternoon 5’. And shortly after arriving on Instagram, the replication of Kikò, who denies everything: “But at least – writes the barber of vip – when invented fake flirt make them credible! Just stopped laughing… let’s go back to work.”

Amber Lombarado and Gaetano Arena together?

Fiumara would have captured the two former contestants of ‘Big Brother’, in the centre of Milan, in attitudes unequivocal. The revelation came yesterday during the final episode of the talk, led by Barbara d’urso. And has sparked a fierce dispute between the photographer and the same Arena. “You’re a clown. I have the photos. Are attitudes very intimate,” he shouted at Alex. “I would never do it, the replication of the Arena. The discussion has come also another time, Maurizio Is located, which has shown some sms that have elapsed between the ex gieffino and a third stated: “You have phoned the photographers in Milan for a scoop – he shouted – you’re a fake. Do not bully. Do you want to tease me, the job of the us paparazzi and Barbara D’urso to take pictures. Go to work. This story goes on from may.”

The replication of Kiko

The alleged ‘betrayal’, however, does not believe Kikò Nalli, more and more in love with his Amber after the first meeting that took place in the House of ‘Big Brother’ (and after the end of the marriage with Tina Cipollati, by whom she had three sons Mattias, Francesco and GIanluca). “But at least when invented fake flirt make them credible,” said Kikò in a video posted on Instagram. “Just stopped laughing, we go back to work.” Shortly after, the same Amber has given his denial of the facts: “While people talk, these are the satisfactions of life,” he wrote with irony of immortalizing his new shopping cart.

“Marry me”, “do Not talk”: discussions of orange for Kikò Nalli and Amber Lombardo

At the bottom, the photo of Gaetano Arena and Amber Lombardo show to Afternoon 5

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