A member of the Comédie-Française accused of violence and threats of death

In a series of tweets glaçants, a young woman accuses an actor of the Comédie-Française for having beaten and threatened with death several times and announces that it has filed a complaint. For its part, the parisian institution has reacted to this testimony.

Student and videographer specialising in the theatre on his YouTube channel Plain Chant, Mary C. was published on the 29th of June a terrible on Twitter. “Today I was making a complaint against an actor of the Comédie-Française for : “violence as usual on a vulnerable person which did not result in incapacity greater than 8 days,” she wrote. My complaint has not been received in full, I return to the office tomorrow. “Sharing photos of his injuries, the videographer has listed a series of violence. “I was struck, on 6 march, 26 march and 2 may. Punches to the face, in the ribs, in the back when I was on earth, blows of books, shoes, she told. He pulled me by the hair in his apartment. He threw me to the ground. He tried to take me to strangle. “

Death threats have been recorded

In her testimony, Mary C. also refers to multiple death threats and claims to have saved several. She has shared some of the phrases terrible that would have pronounced the actor of the Comédie-Française : “You don’t want that I film your murder ? Like that everyone will know what happened, not as for Bertrand Cantat, him would he launched. There will be less doubt. I very much want that you die. “According to the artist, the man would have a reputation as a” guy dangerous “. It has therefore, in addition to his complaint and of his speaking out on Twitter, launched a call for evidence to come in contact with other potential victims. “I believe that silence is no longer possible in the theater and I refuse to accept that another might suffer from such violence on the part of a man, regardless of his influence and reputation “, she said. The thread is the Twitter of the young woman, very shared, and commented on the social network, has reacted to the Comédie-Française.

In a press release, the parisian institution has ensured that she took very seriously the accusations of Mary C. on one of its members. “The Comédie-Française is deeply shocked at the discovery of the facts of violence are intolerable attributed to one of its employees. It condemns with the utmost firmness and will take all the necessary measures. “In anticipation of possible sanctions, internet users speculate on the identity of the player accused of violence and threats of death. Mary C. did not wish to speak on the subject, but was still denied a name. “I would have never imagined Pierre Niney capable of such a thing… I was a fan of him “, wrote a user. “Leave Peter out of it, answered the young woman. It’s not even French ! (the nickname of the Comédie-Française, ed.) “