A true Gem on the ritocchini: “they are Not so rebuilt, I have a face detail”


Since Beijing Express – where he was teamed with Asia Argento and now, after the injury of her friend, with Gennaro Lillio – the True Gem is the object of many criticisms on the appearance of her face, to many “too retouched”.

His answer came in the pages of Spy: “To part the punturine of hyaluronic acid, that I can or cannot have done, are not so rebuilt. I have a face particular. But even if I were to be rebuilt, will not be cabbage my? All of this determination that people have in condemning my plastic surgery, could not put it to things far more useful to mankind?”.

With shoulders so wide, Vera Gemma (daughter of Giuliano Gemma), accustomed to the continuous comparison with the father , and of the weight of a surname is so important, that the comments on the alleged ritocchini are fresh water: “I Have been condemned without mercy, by the ignorance – explains – make You feel not up to the comparison. ‘Eh, but he was the most handsome’, ‘oh, but he was the most good’. And then, what little I managed to do with enormous effort, according to the common opinion I did so only thanks to my last name. He knows that there is? I have learned to no longer feel anything. Now everything to me slips me.”


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