Absolute Love-at-first-sight not reciprocated for Géraldine Maillet and Daniel Riolo.


The Discreet Life of Geraldine Maillet

Geraldine Maillet is very discreet. Although she has been a columnist for the show Touche pas à mon poste for nearly 7 years, the 51-year-old pretty brunette does not usually communicate regularly about her private life, and even less about the couple she has been with for several years, Daniel Riolo, sports journalist and editorialist at RMC.

The “Absolute Coup de Foudre”

Nevertheless, she occasionally lets her guard down and lets herself go to a few confidences. This is what she had done in March 2021, when she admitted to having had “an absolute coup de foudre” for the one who would become her life partner…

The Daring Decision

Curious and mischievous, Cyril Hanouna regularly tries to find out more about the love stories of his columnists. If some, like Gilles Verdez, are not stingy with confidences, others, like Geraldine Maillet, are much more reluctant to publicly open up on the subject. On March 17, 2021, the former model had nevertheless evoked her first meeting with Daniel Riolo. “I saw him and it was a kind of evidence. A shock! An inner trembling… But at first it was not reciprocal. In fact, he hadn’t seen me,” she said in front of all her colleagues present that day. For her part, Geraldine Maillet immediately knew that this was the man of her life… “I saw him and I found him beautiful, funny, intelligent, spiritual, he had everything. I fell madly in love with him in the second,” she said with a smile. Determined to put the grip on the journalist, the novelist did not hesitate to go and talk to him. A daring decision that she does not regret at all since her model charm immediately had an effect since after a short discussion, Daniel Riolo asked to see her again. “After we talked a little bit, and he agreed that it was pretty nice that we meet again,” she remembered with a dreamy look. Today, Geraldine Maillet and Daniel Riolo are happily in love. They do not have children together but the columnist has a 19-year-old daughter named Mathilde and from a first union. The co-host of the After Foot (RMC) has two children, Victoire and Merlin, also born from a previous relationship.


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