Achilles Greece: Prince Charmer Graduates with Girlfriend.


Achille of Greece, the handsome prince, is ready to start his new life.

The 22-year-old Achille of Greece, renowned as one of the most attractive princes in the world, has just graduated in Arts and Humanities from New York University. His proud family, including his parents, sister Olympia and brother Odysseas, were all present, except for his youngest sibling, 14-year-old Aristides, who presumably was at college. His father Pablo posted some photos of the special day on Instagram, saying “We are so proud of your accomplishment and your dedication. The world is waiting for you”. Achille Greece seemed to be in a state of bliss in the photos. Now that he has completed his studies, he can pursue his dream of becoming an actor. In 2017, he made a small appearance in the popular American telenovela Beautiful, starring his aunt, Princess Theodora, and he also featured in the movie Light Warriors.

On top of that, Achille Greece had another reason to be delighted: his girlfriend Isabella Massenet, daughter of the founder of Net-a-Porter, graduated with him on the same day from the same university. A picture shared by Olympia of Greece on social media showed the couple embracing while wearing their graduation gowns and hats. The couple have been engaged for about three years, making their relationship official in the summer of 2021 when they went on holiday to Greece with his parents. Now, graduating together has made them even closer. Achille of Greece, the handsome prince, is ready to embark on his new life.


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