Adara explodes vs Ana Mª Aldón & Alexia Rivas: harsh words.


The contestants of ‘Survivors’

The five days that Ana María Aldón and Alexia Rivas have spent in Honduras with the contestants of ‘Survivors’ have ended with one of the tensest moments of the edition. Before leaving, the organization asked them to judge the remaining participants and, among other things, they had to answer two questions: who works more than they say and who works less. Both answered that Bosco and Adara respectively. Ana María and Alexia said that Adara was the least hardworking of the ‘Survivors’.

Adara’s Reaction

This was enough for Rodri Fuertes’ ex to run out of patience and explode like never before against the collaborators, whom she said had “contributed zero” to the program. Adara starred in tense moments in ‘Survivors’. “Since two people from outside have come to judge us only seeing us for five days and we have been here for three months, I would also like to judge them as ghosts from the past,” she began, and continued adding that “they were supposed to motivate us and they have done nothing. Everyone here has worked their asses off and we don’t have to put up with these two ladies after the trot we have been through”.

Alexia’s Response

Alexia wanted to make it clear that if they were judging the contestants, it was because the program had asked them to, but all she achieved was that Molinero focused her attacks on her: “As a ghost from the past you are worth less than zero. You have only come to take the sun and to make noise (…) I thought you were going to give something of content, not that, I don’t even know how to describe it,” mocked the contestant.


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