Adara Molinero, Asraf Beno in Worst Fight Ever on Live TV


Tension Between Adara and Asraf

The tension between Adara Molinero and Asraf Beno is only increasing, as they have been on the island for more than three months now and the fights and nerves are becoming more and more noticeable. The winner of ‘GH VIP 7’ was the one who broke her alliance with the model after the confrontation they had because she did not let him eat to favor Alma Bollo and Jonan. Now, the tension between them has exploded again and they have had a strong confrontation live, during the Thursday gala hosted by Carlos Sobera.

Reflection and Making Peace

The program has given them the opportunity to reflect on it and make peace, since she had arrived at the point of breaking down in front of her companions due to the discussions she had had with him. Despite making peace, Adara and Asraf have fought again. He, very indignant, answered her very seriously: “I am the person I am, I know what I do, what I do with love and what I do not. I don’t care what they tell me, it doesn’t matter if it’s 17 people. Interpret what you want, I don’t like these changes much but okay”.

Will They Resolve Their Problems?

In addition, the contestant also commented that he felt Adara was exaggerating, since he had also dealt with comments on his part: “I don’t consider Adara’s something like treason. I think it has been a bad interpretation”. Asraf remembered that she had shouted at him, allegedly, setting off another debate in the Palapa. The survivors sided with her and assured him that he was lying, to which she added that he should leave it alone. Will they be able to resolve their problems before the final?


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