Adara Molinero stuns by bathing nude on camera.


Adara Molinero’s Naked Bath

Adara Molinero is undoubtedly one of the main protagonists of ‘Survivors 2023’. In addition to her confrontations and achievements, her funny moments stand out, such as this one in which she surprised everyone by bathing completely naked in front of the cameras. The young woman, since her mother, Elena Rodríguez, visited her in Honduras, is completely happy and full of energy.

Adara’s Reconciliation with Asraf Beno

After having spent a few days facing her great friend, Asraf Beno, last night they finally had a beautiful reconciliation. “Asraf, I’m bad, I don’t want to be like this with you. In the end we have lived very beautiful things and I want that at least we have…”, the young woman said to him, after the boyfriend of Isa Pantoja had been trying to make peace with her for days. The survivor was very moved by this gesture: “I didn’t understand how we could end our friendship for such a silly thing”.

Adara’s Growing Relationship with Artùr

On the other hand, Adara is getting closer and closer to Artùr. Last night, for example, we saw a video in which the young man threw himself to the ground to hug his partner. “Honey, he said ‘good morning’, not that you throw yourself on him. ‘Apart’ from my friend”, joked Jonan at such a show of affection. But that’s not all and Adara, last night, was chosen as the first saved of the week and, therefore, is exempt from the expulsion this Thursday. It is clear that the survivor has received her mother’s visit as a huge boost of strength and desire to continue in the contest.


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