Adela González competes after ‘Sálvame’ end: new project with Boris Izaguirre.


Adela González: A Breath of Fresh Air

In just over a year since presenting ‘Sálvame’, Adela González has become indispensable in the evening program. Many took her presence as a breath of fresh air in the program, after the controversial departures of Paz Padilla and Carlota Corredera. Adela managed to win the affection of her colleagues, starring in funny moments such as the tribute they made to Olivia Newton-John, or the passionate kiss she gave Carmen Borrego live.

Adela’s Most Vulnerable Side

For all this, Adela showed her most vulnerable side last Friday, getting emotional like no one else for the end of the program that had given her so much joy. María Patiño, Terelu and Adela González in the last ‘Sálvame’. “‘Sálvame’ saved me,” she explained, on the brink of tears. And it is that the Basque signed for the program of La Fábrica de la Tele only a few months after the death of her daughter Andrea, at 8 years old, from a Ewing’s sarcoma, the same illness suffered by, among others, Aless Lequio or Elena Huelva.

Adela’s New Home

Just five days after the end of ‘Sálvame’ we have learned that Adela González has signed for Mediaset’s competition, as other faces of the group have recently done, such as Beatriz Cortázar or Paloma García-Pelayo. While it is presumed that the collaborators of ‘El programa de AR’ will go to Antena 3, it has been confirmed that Adela has found her place in LaSexta. González returns to ‘Más vale tarde’, where she was seven years ago. During this summer, and together with Boris Izaguirre, they will be in charge of presenting the program on Saturdays, in a somewhat more informal edition than the one conducted from Monday to Friday by Cristina Pardo and Iñaki López.


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