Adele with curly hair and very thin, it looks like Beyoncé

Another shot of the singer, 32-year-old appeared on social surprises everyone. Adele has posted a photo in which she appears with her hair blond, long and wavy in a natural way, as has never been seen before. Strikes once again its strong silhouette the lean has been achieved thanks to huge will power. The singer of “Someone like you” and “Rolling in the deep,” and managed to lose about 44 pounds. After the separation from ex-husband Simon Konecki put on a diet, the substance of the Sirt, and is reborn.

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Thank you Queen for always making us all feel so loved through your art ♥️♥️

A post shared by Adele (@adele) on Aug 1, 2020 at 11:09am PDT

A total transformation that makes her look, in this image the social, that is very similar to the singer Beyoncé knowles, she is wearing a blouse from prints similar to the catsuit of the singer, which comes in the shot. With hair so long and wild Adele had not yet shown. Perhaps she, too, riding the wave of post-pandemic, it is approached in a more relaxed and natural, and is felt to leave the plate, thanks to the hot summer of 2020. Or simply to honor the album just released by Beyoncé on Disney +, “Black is king”, wanted to be inspired in the look from Queen Bey. In the post, in fact, you can see that the singer pointed with his hand towards a picture on the wall that depicts a scene of the album and in the comment reads: “Thank you Queen because you make us feel so loved through your art”. Women that support women.

The first official photos of his new look appeared in may 2020, and have made a lot of noise. The star stated that the transformation of his body would have been about a combination of diet and sports that had previously not practiced. According to the tabloid “Us Weekly”, in fact, the singer has hired a personal trainer to train three times a week doing 60 minute sessions of cardio training, and HIIT. The british newspaper “The Sun” also has underlined the passion that erupted for the Pilates Reformer (among the fans of this sport even Gwyneth Paltrow, Kourtney Kardashian, and Naomi Campbell).