Adeline Blondieau speaks on the violence around her marriage to Johnny Hallyday

His life with Johnny Hallyday has not been any rest. It is in any case said Adeline Blondieau, then married two times Taulier, when she was very young. The actress is now entrusted to the extreme violence of which she was a victim of the fans of the artist.

Adeline Blondieau



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When Johnny Hallyday was married for the first time, Adeline Blondieau, July 9, 1990, many French were shouting to the scandal. The reason : the difference in their ages. In fact, the singer was 47 years of age at the time when the young woman was only 19 years old. 28 years difference, a shame for some. Their union lasts just one year, but the two lovebirds will once again ring to the finger in 1994. And apparently, the marriage between the artist and the young actress has been of unprecedented violence. Invited on the set of It starts today, broadcast on France 2, Adeline Blondieau is back on her relationship with Johnny Hallyday , commending himself on his well-being when she was in front of the fans of the Taulier : “It was very violent. Because I was 18 years old, so I was very young, there was a very large age difference. And fans of Johnny were very aggressive with me,” she confided in this Friday, may 22.

Physical attacks

And this aggressiveness is gone visibly very far, as the star of Under the Sun would have been reached physically : “It was very complicated to be hit on, spit on, insult when we came home or people came out from home,” she added. So, in order to protect themselves, she had, at the time, put in place a great deal of resources : “It was very serious. At one point, I was forced to have body guards to protect me.” A terrible daily for Adeline Blondieau, who was very young at the time.