Home Fashion Adil Rami Cannes: Léna Guillou Divine in Sexy Red Dress

Adil Rami Cannes: Léna Guillou Divine in Sexy Red Dress

Adil Rami and Léna Guillou Reunited at Cannes Festival

It had been a while since Adil Rami and Léna Guillou had seen each other, but now it’s done and not just anywhere. The two lovebirds chose the Cannes Festival and its stars and all kinds of parties to spend a nice evening together. To put an end to the rumors, the former reality TV candidate wanted to make things clear about her couple.

Cannes Red Carpet Evening for the Lovers

An evening during which they could cross many stars, starting with Eva Longoria and Nicole Scherzinger. Star DJ Bob Sinclar was also present, as was actor Vincent Elbaz. The 2018 world champion was not the only footballer present in Cannes as Youssouf Fofana, a midfielder for the French team, was also seen. A nice evening for the two lovebirds, who once again showed a magnificent complicity on the red carpet.

Long Distance Relationship

The daily distance is a difficulty to take into account since the 36-year-old world champion has been living in Troyes (Aube) since 2021, while his sweetheart lives in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes). A distant relationship that is not always easy and at one point it was even thought that the lovers had separated. In addition, there was already a break-up in September 2022, but Adil Rami and Léna Guillou got back together last March, on the occasion of the 31-year-old brunette’s birthday. “I answer once friends so I don’t have to answer 300 times the question, but yes, we don’t hide, it’s just that I have a lot to manage in the south so I go less to Troyes, but YES !”, she explained, visibly tired of being asked the question regularly.



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