Adil Rami, Pamela Anderson: 4 years after breakup, settling scores.


Adil Rami and Pamela Anderson’s Relationship

Purepeople was all smiles to meet Adil Rami on Thursday, June 8th at the Maison Lutétia, awaiting his second hair transplant. The 37-year-old footballer gave us an appointment to discuss his sporting career, but also his love life. Currently in a relationship with the beautiful Léna Guillou, the world champion is best known for having been in a relationship for two years, from June 2017 to June 2019, with the famous Pamela Anderson.

Adil Rami’s Disappointment

Unfortunately, their story ended badly and the American actress was not kind to Adil Rami in the press, implying that he had betrayed her. “At the time, not now, I would have liked to have a discussion, maybe six months or a year later, to talk about it, but today she’s doing her little book, her little journey. I can’t blame her, I don’t wish her any harm, but she hurt me. She hurt me a lot by doing that,” he said to our microphone. If he has let it go, Adil Rami is still disappointed with his ex’s attitude, who has often poured out in the media to talk about their relationship after their break-up. “What she did, it deeply hurt me, but I tell myself that with time everything is known and today I am well, so that is the most important thing,” says the father of twins, who nevertheless does not regret his very media-friendly story with the famous mermaid of Baywatch: “Regrets? Honestly, I don’t have any, because I tell myself that I had to go through that. Today I am 37 years old and chance does not exist. Everything I have done in my career, the people I have met, it is for a very precise purpose.”

Adil Rami’s Reflection

Adil Rami is a man who always sees the glass half full and despite the problems he may have had with Pamela, he draws the positive from this experience. “It made me mature, it made me grow. It made me understand a lot of things. I have no regrets, I grew up thanks to her. I have improved in certain areas thanks to her. That’s it, I lived a beautiful experience,” says the footballer who has also played for Olympique de Marseille. Finally, when asked if he read his ex’s autobiography, Love Pamela, Adil Rami’s answer is quite straightforward and full of humor: “No! I haven’t even read mine!”


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