ADP 2019 : separated from Christine, Jean-Michel has found love in funny circumstances

Jean-Michel is a true executioner of hearts ! Barely separated from Christine, the candidate of the 14th season of love is in the meadow has already found a companion. A woman crossed the road in astounding circumstances.

Jean-Michel is not the type to waste his time. Candidate for the 14th season of love is in the meadow, it was quickly passed to the serious stuff with its contender Christine. After only a few hours of adventure, both are already exchanged kisses, languid in front of the cameras of M6. A behavior that has earned the farm worker the nickname unflattering to ” hot rabbit. “However, it is the general surprise that viewers have learned of her separation with the look-alike non-official Claire Chazal. A information unveiled by one of the neighbors of the couple, who revealed to Tv Star that it was already several weeks that they were no longer together. But it is clear that it did not take very long to Jean-Michel before getting back in the saddle ! As he revealed to the newspaper Channel 32, the former candidate of Karine Le Marchand has already found love. And not in any way

Hardly separate, Jean-Michel is no longer a heart to take

Far from being deterred by his break-up with Christine, the farmer’s 54-year-old has decided to take things in hand. To do this, it is freely inspired by the methods of The love is in the meadow. As he himself reveals, he has brought together all its e-mails since the end of filming in order to organize a large speed-dating. A strategy that is somewhat surprising, but one that proved to pay off. In fact, it has allowed him to find ” a new companion “of the more than 140 letters received. Already very enamored of this mysterious unknown, he has not hesitated to present it to some of his relatives. François Bourguignon, overview in the last season of the program, is part of the lucky few to have been able to make his acquaintance. Remains to be seen whether, this time, their love will stand