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Affair Concluded: Seller Tricked & Rejected, Internet Users Saddened

Special Edition of Affaire Conclue

In the face of the success of the daily Affaire conclue on France 2, the channel has decided to launch specials from time to time. This Tuesday, June 20th, 2023, Sophie Davant and her team of buyers were in Toulouse and Arras, looking for new rare objects. This may have been the last special for Sophie Davant, who will no longer present the show at the start of the new season in favor of Julia Vignali.

Fake Egyptian Urn

Unfortunately, Sophie Davant did not make everyone happy. Indeed, during her visit to Toulouse, the partner of William Leymergie, accompanied by the auctioneer Harold Hessel, welcomed Rémy to the set. The latter was then very happy to bring an Egyptian funeral urn. “It was part of the historical souvenirs of a general of Napoleon’s army,” he assured, sure of himself. However, for Harold Hessel, it is clear that the object was a fake. “It’s a piece that was made a bit to deceive or a bit like a souvenir for tourists. This is what is called Egyptomania. It dates from the end of the 19th century,” he analyzed. But Rémy was adamant and even offered a carbon 14 test. “And there we can really see if it’s a historical urn …”, he let go. “Because you still don’t believe what Harold is telling you?”, Sophie Davant wondered before her favorite auctioneer explained: “Unfortunately, the shape of the urn and the decor do not correspond to a production that existed. So it’s a fantasy in fact. A decorative fantasy. This is not the treasure we are looking for in Toulouse !.” Harold Hessel still estimated the object at 100 or 200 euros “for decoration”. But it was quickly decided not to continue the adventure with the urn.

Reactions to the Fake Urn

“If it had been a real Egyptian urn, it would have been an incredible historical souvenir. But it’s not at all (laughs). That’s the game,” Rémy said afterwards. If he kept smiling, the Internet users expressed their great discontent on Twitter. “I didn’t understand the usefulness of making 3 minutes of show on a participant who is finally fired because his object is worth nothing …,” “What is the interest of showing us the objects not selected? “,” Poor man, it’s a fantasy “,” It’s a pity for the people who think they have treasures and leave empty-handed “, we can read. As for the ratings, the show attracted 1.79 million faithful, or 10.5% of the audience share.



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