After Ana Rosa Quintana party, Alba Carrillo’s controversial video


Celebrating the End of the Season

This Friday, Unicorn Content celebrated its end-of-season party prior to the summer, which brought together many familiar faces from the network. One of those who could not miss the appointment was Ana Rosa Quintana, who not only returned to be in charge of ‘El programa de AR’ one more season, but will also replace ‘Sálvame’ with a new format in September.

Alba Carrillo’s Comment

The presenter appeared in one of the photos shared by one of her colleagues and great personal friend, Cristina Tárrega, in which Alba Carrillo decided to make a comment that was not unnoticed by anyone and received many responses. “Has nobody been recorded this time? Wow, I always miss the good stuff!“, were her words. Shortly after the ‘affair’ with Jorge Pérez at the producer’s party came to light, both she and the former civil guard distanced themselves from television and the programs in which they collaborated until, in April, she was abruptly fired from Mediaset.

Alba’s Explanation

Alba has made it clear that her intention with those words was not to throw any sarcasm and that it was only a “joke in a jocular tone”. “I have not thrown any dart at absolutely anyone. It amuses me a lot that there were mobiles at the company party at Christmas just to record me, but not to record other people …“. The collaborator has stated that she has been hearing false information about her for a long time and wants to be “left to live in peace”. He has also warned people who have echoed his words to spread what he has labeled as “false information”.


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