Aid from Albania to Italy, Alketa Vejsiu: “We albanians, we have memory” Support Today

“If I were a doctor I would be game too. While not being an economic power, we albanians we have a good memory that makes us think: let us not forget that your Country has always helped us. My heart is broken for you“. He says in an exclusive interview to Today, the presenter Albanian Alketa Vejsiu, already protagonist of the last Sanremo Festival, in the aftermath of the aid sent from Albania to Italy to deal with the emergency coronavirus.

In the past few days, in fact, ten doctors and 20 nurses have arrived from the balkan country destined to be the Spedali civili of Brescia, made in the knee from the health emergency. They landed in Verona and were greeted among others by the president of Lombardy regional council, Attilio Fontana, and by the vice-president, Fabrizio Sala. Alketa tells the story extensively for the first time in his entire life, starting “from a humble family, with a father who immigrated to Greece for work”, the exodus of its citizens by sea (“for a breath we are not embarked on the ship we also, we were missing documents… we Were too poor, and we knew the chand there was a better world beyond the sea“), the ranks (“it Is difficult to find girls who started work at 13 years and have over 22 years of career behind him”).

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And finally, the experience of Sanremo thanks to Lucio Presta: “He is one who says little and does so much, confidential, but then I came to find with his wife in Tirana… after three years, she introduced me to Amadeus, who then asked me to send him the monologue that I had in mind… I Know that it was the best thing that I have done and the satisfaction is huge… In my life that I had so much, sacrifices and success, I am happy that I have. But I would like to receive a proposal to work in Italy, I’d be happy”.

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