Aiello Romance: New Romantic Awareness


The Genesis of the Disc

Taking the time to analyze and analyze yourself. Metabolize what is now behind you and then open a new chapter. That it be different, of course, but that does not deny the self. Aiello is still him, definitely. The voice, the lyrics, the passion. After his experience, he took a moment to tidy up his ideas and recompose the puzzle. And now he’s back. “I felt suspended for a year and a half,” the singer from Cosenza reveals presenting his third album. “I put on the brakes and started a path that served me, because as I went on, songs were born and I regained the lightness I had lost. Lightness, not superficiality”.

The Cover and the Collaborations

On the cover he appears pierced by Cupid’s arrows. “It’s as if I had decided to awaken that romantic part of me, communicate it proudly, be the promoter of a return to more human and less virtual relationships,” he explains. And the collaborations with Gaia and Alessandra Amoroso, how did they come about? “Naturally. Non ti vado via needed a female voice, like Gaia’s, which smells of summer: we are friends, I wrote to her as soon as I realized it and she was very happy to participate. With Alessandra there is a special relationship: we were sitting on the ground listening to the demo of the album, she was moved while P. A. N. C. was playing, she told me she wanted to audition it: beyond the affection that binds us, this made me proud because I really esteem her as an artist”.

The New Awareness

Two years ago, he was singing a song that he himself defined as “sex-centric”. Do you feel changed? “That side of me has remained, I remain a person proudly carnal. In my songs I always end up talking, albeit with different keys of reading, about sex, food and sea. Romantic however I think it is a next step: I overcame the phase in which you are afraid to crash. Now it was a piece linked to an album in which I wanted to show that I had earned that place and I deserved it. The new album has a whole different light, a different voice: I don’t feel like I have to prove anything”. New awareness. If I say a certain event to you now, what do you think of? “I think of the last edition, which I watched from the sidelines, and I said to myself “I will return there”. I don’t know if this year, the next, or in five, but I will return. I have a dream, a goal, I feel it”.


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