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Al Pacino Fatherhood: 83-year-old asks fiancee for paternity test

Al Pacino Becomes Father at 83

Just a few days ago, the news that Al Pacino at 83 was about to become a father for the fourth time had filled the gossip pages. TMZ had thrown the bomb, explaining that the actor’s girlfriend, Noor Alfallah, born in 1993, was eight months pregnant. The news had surprised everyone, but now TMZ reveals that the most surprised by the pregnancy was the actor himself. Because, due to a thyroid problem, he was convinced he could no longer have children. So, having strong doubts about whether the one in Noor Alfallah’s womb was really his son, he asked the twenty-nine-year-old for the paternity test. “We were told that Al had no idea until two months ago that the girl was pregnant,” TMZ explained, “and when he found out he was shocked.”

Surprise for the Diva

The diva was also surprised, adds Showbiz411, for another reason: he and the young television producer from Kuwait – linked since the pandemic although the first couple photo came out only last year – had already split up. So much so that the girl would have revealed the imminent birth of the baby only in the eleventh week of pregnancy: “He knew that Al did not want any more children, they do not have a relationship, it’s a mess,” the words of the insider to the tabloid. Given the tangled situation, the actor put his lawyers in motion and demanded a paternity test from Noor. Result? The baby on the way, as TMZ assures, “will be Al Pacino’s fourth child.”

A Happy Ending?

After these facts, the actor and the twenty-nine-year-old were seen leaving a restaurant together. Probably, the American gossip site hypothesizes, they met to discuss the pregnancy that Al Pacino, given his age and health problems, did not expect at all. And yet at 83 the diva is about to embrace his fourth child, after the three had from two different women: Julie Marie was born in 1989 from the love story with acting teacher Jan Tarrant; twins Oliva Rose and Anton James were born in 2001 from actress Beverly D’Angelo and were entrusted to him after a long legal battle. Robert De Niro became a father for the seventh time at 79.



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