Alain Delon in mourning : the actor mourns the death of his last love

Alain Delon is in mourning. Shortly before Christmas, the actor was 84-year-old has lost another woman who counted in his life.

Alain Delon , has not been spared in 2019. And the end of the year was not more tender with the comedian of 84 years. Currently recuperating in Switzerland after a STROKE, the player may, however, count on the support of his cherished daughter, Anouchka. And these last days, he has never had need of it : a new mourning has devastated The Cheetah.

Alain Delon crying one of the last women in his life

According to information of France Sunday, Alain Delon mourns the loss of Vera Baudey, one of the loves of his life. On 22 December, the journalist and director of magazine Winner, was the victim ofa heart attack, which occurred at his home in paris, in the Xvith arrondissement. A drama for the actor, who had started with it a romance in 2016, as had been reported Here in Paris. At the time, the magazine had even published photos of the couple kissing.

This disappearance of Vera Baudey is all the more painful for Alain Delon that it still retains very strong links with the women that entered in his life. It has never dried her tears since the disappearance of Romy Schneider and Mireille Dumas, the great loves of his life. Yet a farewell to Alain Delon.