Alanis Morissette: “Mom for the third time, after several miscarriages, I felt pain and fear”

Alanis Morissette is about to realize her dream: to become a mother for the third time. The canadian singer naturalized citizen of the united states is told in an interview in the magazine Self, explaining how this third pregnancy has been painful and desired for a long time. Alanis has opened completely, speaking without hesitation of miscarriages and post partum depression.

Still pregnant after two children and some miscarriages

She and beau Mario Treadway, a rapper known as Souleye, are already parents to Ever Imre and Onyx Solace, which have respectively eight and two years. In march, came the announcement: the Morissette was still pregnant. The achievement of this goal, however, has led to much suffering:

Between Ever and Onyx, there have been failed attempts. I always wanted to have three children, but then I had some difficulties and a few miscarriages, so I didn’t think that was possible. I felt so much pain and fear. I have hoped and prayed for another pregnancy and I have learned so much on my body, on biochemistry, on gynecology in this process. It was a tortuous path, and persevering, learning, and loss.

Post partum depression

Firmly decided to become a mom, she is informed about any detail related to motherhood and pregnancy, and has experienced every type of medication. Until it is finally successful in getting pregnant at the age of 44. It is almost to the childbirth and the singer is delighted, even if looms the spectre of a bad experience in the previous two cases: that of post-natal depression, which affects 10-20% of women in the months after the birth. “When I woke up I felt as covered by a mountain of tar, “said Morissette. A feeling all familiar to her, who in the past had had to do with the depression and it was thanks to the music and to the stage. For this reason, after the birth to Ever Imre waited more than a year before asking for help from a doctor. The second time, still, she waited four months. This time, however, it will be different. The artist has already asked several people, including his doctor and the midwife, to watch over her: “No I will spend four minutes”.