Albert II of Monaco healed : the first thing he made at the end of its quarantine

On Tuesday 31 march, the prince Albert II of Monaco has been declared cured of coronavirus by his doctors. Placed in quarantine, alone in his Palace, the latter has revealed the first thing he would do in the outgoing.

After two weeks of quarantine, the prince Albert II of Monaco came out of the tunnel. If he coughs again, this last is considered to have been cured of sars coronavirus. The good news came on Tuesday 31 march, at the end of the day. “The doctors that follow the S. A. S the prince Albert II since the beginning of his infection Covid-19 permit today to put an end to his period of quarantine. The sovereign prince is declared healed and in good health “, is excited when a press release from the prince’s Palace. It all started so there are two weeks. “The first symptoms appeared in the night from Sunday to Monday, 16 march “, explained the son of Grace Kelly and Rainier III, before sure have had symptoms rather light.

We had to wait until march 19, so that the verdict is official. The tests carried out by the head of State were then positive income. “His state of health did not inspire any concern,” said the Palace, which stated : “the sovereign prince is followed closely by his doctor and specialists at the Centre Hospitalier Princesse Grace (WORKING) “. But all this now seems to be behind him. And without surprise, the first thing that the prince Albert II was made was to join his family. And for good reason, during the period of his quarantine, he was alone in the Palace, while princess Charlene, and their twins of 5 years and have invested in their area of Roc Agel. “A difficult separation , “as confided to dad hen, who has never hidden to be a lack of his own.

The downside of the reunion of Albert II of Monaco and his family

If he was in permanent contact with his wife, Jacques and Gabriella prince Albert II has all the same had some difficulties with its bits of cabbage. “I try to speak with them, but they have the wanderlust. They are always distracted by something, like all children, it is difficult to capture their attention “, and lamented the one that has caused considerable concern to his loved ones with the Italian newspaper Corriere della sera. But to qualify with happiness : “When we get to hold a conversation, they tell me what they have done in the day.” One thing is certain : he was so eager to find. “I dream to find Charlene and the twins next week “, launched it with hope on the 27th of march last. It will eventually not waited so long.

Since the lifting of quarantine, the brother of Caroline and Stéphanie of Monaco has been able to join his tribe. “I had a lot of missed. Of course, we remained in telephone contact, and also in FaceTime, but nothing replaces eye contact and be at least in the same room“, he explained just before leaving the Palace, during an interview granted to the channel Monaco Info. But there is still a small downside to his reunion. “We will perhaps not kissing right away,” says this father of four children. And for good reason, his doctor did indeed “ advocated for at least watching it again a day or two of distance of security “. The hard part is done. Prince Albert of Monaco may still rejoice to finally find Charlene, Jacques and Gabriella.