Alejandra Prat: Sonsoles is camaraderie and good vibes.


The Prat Family

At 46 years old, Alejandra Prat is part of one of the most famous journalist families in our country. Along with her brothers Joaquín and Andrea, she follows in the footsteps of her remembered father, Joaquín Prat, an icon of television.

Return to the Media Spotlight

After several years away from the small screen and focused on her family, the Catalan woman returned more than half a year ago to the media spotlight. Alejandra collaborates in ‘Y ahora Sonsoles’, the afternoon magazine hosted by the famous presenter on Antena 3. A space where she feels very comfortable and happy and where she has won the affection of her colleagues and the public.

Car Enthusiasts

The journalist and Juan Manuel Alcaraz, her husband and father of her three children, are great car enthusiasts, so they did not want to miss the presentation of the new Smart#1 in Barcelona, where we could talk to her.


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