Alejandro Sanz, proud of son Alexander strumming guitar


Alexander, Alejandro Sanz’s son, has inherited all of his talent

We already knew that Alexander, Alejandro Sanz’s son, has inherited all of his father’s talent. The young man, who publishes an infinite amount of his own content on social media, has once again moved his father, who shared one of his son’s videos on his Instagram stories.

Alejandro Sanz finds refuge in his work and his children

Although Alejandro Sanz confessed a few weeks ago that he is not going through his best moment, which is added to his break-up with artist Rachel Valdés. At this moment, his work is being his refuge, as well as his children, with whom he maintains a very special relationship.

Alexander has left us open-mouthed with his musical skills

Alexander has shown all his talent in the fragment of one of his songs. He has shared two phrases, leaving us open-mouthed with his guitar skills. But it is not the only instrument he controls, and a while ago we could see him playing the trombone during a tour, where he was one more musician. We love it!


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