Alejandro Sanz returns after breakup with Rachel Valdés and worrying social media posts.


The Artist’s Reflection

Last weekend, Alejandro Sanz sparked concern for his mental health with a tweet where he admitted the bad time he is going through. The artist spoke from the heart with his followers and expressed that he felt “sad and tired” and admitted that sometimes “I don’t even want to be here”. Although the motives started out as a mystery, since he did not go into detail about them, rumors soon surfaced about a possible bankruptcy due to a supposed fraud by an intimate friend in Miami.

The Artist’s Return

This Saturday, June 3, the singer returned to the stage with the start of his tour ‘Sanz en Vivo’, a meeting with his fans that he anxiously awaited. “I will arrive at the stages and something inside me will tell me what to do” he wrote in the tweet that set off the alarms, remembering that music has always been his refuge. During the concert, Alejandro Sanz took the opportunity to personally thank the support he had received with some beautiful words: “thank you very much for your affection. It’s a hole that’s made here in your chest and from which I speak to you. You have to get close to those who love you. And I’m very lucky and I feel tremendously grateful”. The artist did not speak specifically about his break-up with Rachel Valdés, but he did show how close he is to his fans by admitting how he feels: “it’s a hole that suddenly appears here and you don’t really know why, but from this hole I have here, in my chest, I want to thank you for being there”.

The Artist’s Gratitude

This Sunday, recovered from last night’s show and ready to continue his tour of Spain with a concert in Úbeda, Alejandro Sanz has shared a video of the concert with his followers. “Once again we demonstrate that music is the most beautiful and sincere language there is. Direct to the heart. And more noise, MORE MUSIC. Always. Thanks Pamplona” he wrote. And although he is going through a very difficult time emotionally, the stages are always a very special place for him.


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