Alena Seredova has met John the baptist: “as soon as born the doctors said that I was suffering from ichthyosis”

The story of John the baptist, dates back to August of this year when, born tothe Sant’anna hospital of Turin, suffers from harlequin ichthyosis, a debilitating disease that affects mainly the skin, has been abandoned by the parents. The story of the little unborn child is intertwined incredibly with that of a character well known television: Alena Seredova, that tells the Corriere della Sera as the encounter with the mascot of the hospital in turin.

From a child I was diagnosed this disease

Alena Seredova since 2005 she is a spokesperson for the organization to Grow up Together at Sant’anna of Turin. An activity that has given her a lot of satisfaction and that has become a constant commitment in the life of the model, which often goes to the hospital to offer his help. And is in September for the first time, his encounter with John the baptist, whose story reminds her of the first moments of his childhood, as told to the Corriere della Sera. The baby is suffering from harlequin ichthyosis disease is a disease that, as soon as born, had incorrectly diagnosed the doctors of the hospital of Prague:

In Prague, the doctors thought that I had ichthyosis I, too, dad always remembers that, when he saw me in the cradle of the hospital, all covered in scales, he jumped back out of shock, then began to cry. My skin was all dry, as covered by a shell that is rough and irregular. The doctors spoke of ichthyosis, but ichthyosis harlequin that has John, unfortunately for him, it is a rare disease, for which you do not know care. I, however, I was only born with the skin very dry because I was too much in the belly: 42 weeks, beautiful location. To cure me, they did what they do now to st. John the baptist: the residue to give relief to the skin and pulls it. For a week, I anointed all the days, plunging into a bowl of emollient oil. Told my mother that I’d always been evil, that I could not take the sun. Then, my skin did the wetsuit, like that of a snake, and I have never had skin problems of any kind.

The encounter with John the baptist

A memory that is rooted in a past very far away, a past of which the model is known only through the stories of his parents. And yet, Alena Seredova tells the story of stumbling in the Town not in such a critical moment, on the contrary, the care offertegli from the Sant’anna hospital were improving his condition, is not easy to manage, so much so that the parents have not had the courage to take the load, and the ex-wife of Gigi Buffon has expressed opinions on this choice, on the contrary, he sought to identify with the parents of the child:

I saw him in September. I went to program the collected funds for Christmas, with the sale of the panettone. I have submitted this puppy, they told me about its history and see it was a very strong. I’ve not seen it in the worst stage, that is, as soon as born. I understand that it must be a disease very painful, because the skin is so dry that it breaks down, it makes the wounds. But doctors and nurses keep him always anointed and, when I met him, seemed not to be suffering, not crying. You could see that she was cared for with love. I met a child very lively, super cute. As I say, has no cognitive problems or neurological conditions, is only a child that will always need special care. I have brought a little bit around in the stroller. I thought about how much had to be painful for the parents to decide to leave him. I know that they are more or less my peers, who have had an assisted conception and who, in spite of all the preventive examinations, it had been impossible to diagnose in advance a disease that is so rare. I don’t feel I judge them.