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Alena Seredova on Buffon’s Betrayal: Never Forgotten, Not an Extended Family

Overcoming Pain and Finding Love Again

On June 17th, Alena Seredova will marry Alessandro Nasi, but despite the joy for the wedding she does not forget the pain she experienced due to the betrayal of her ex-husband. And instead of giving in to hatred and animosity, she managed to maintain a civil relationship with her ex-husband, even for the sake of their children. But despite the good relationship with Buffon, the Czech model reiterates what she has already said several times: theirs is not an extended family.

Getting Back Into the Game

And after the love with Buffon and the pain for the end of the marriage, to the question of how one can regain trust in a man, she replies that “it takes time”, because “getting back into the game is a natural path of the heart and mind”. And even if she, after the shipwreck of the relationship with the footballer, did not want a serious relationship anymore, her future husband Alessandro Nasi “had resistance and patience. It always happens like this: when you don’t look, it’s the time that happens”. For this reason, Alena Seredova clarifies that the second marriage with Nasi should not be seen as a revenge: “I have never seen in my new relationship, and even in having another child, my beloved Vivi (Vivienne Charlotte, who is 3 years old, ed.), a race with what happens on the other side”.

The Unforgettable Wedding

The new wedding is instead “the natural evolution of a relationship where two people are well, in balance”. With her future husband, she explains, “I have found the normality of the family”. And the request to marry him came unexpectedly: “A little because of the age, and a little because I had already made this step, marriage was not fundamental to me. But then I was so pleased”. But she remained “so confused for a few days that I forgot to tell everyone the good news”. And now “I just want an unforgettable party with the people who love us”.



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