Alessandra Ambrosio heats up Instagram in revealing her divine curves

If winter is synonymous with rain and cold, the top model Alessandra Ambrosio warms us up by showing once again sexy as ever on Instagram, to launch a new collection of swimwear.

If some doubt still, the weather this week has reminded us why we hate so much the winter. Between the cold, the storm, or the rain, it must be said that it has been served. And while we, mere mortals, have suffered this week with full force, others live their best life. This is the case ofAlessandra Ambrosio. It must be said that the model of brazil has a habit of igniting the canvas, regardless of the time of year. It is discovered and there is hardly a month wearing a sexy bikini in the middle of the pampa. Seeing this kind of shots, we doubt that the young woman to the 10 million subscribers in taste to the culinary delights of the winter made in France. By thinking twice, we note the same as the former spokesmodel Victoria’s Secret does not even know the principle of the seasons and live year-round in the summer. Proof is once again with his photo posted for the Saint Valentine’s in keeping Eve under a shower outside with his assistant Nicolo Oddi. And the mother of 2 children does not stop in so good way. In this cold month of February, she just posted a video of the most sexy on Instagram.

The “power of the Yantra”

If the winter is a good opportunity for us to get out his best jacket, the situation is quite different for Alessandra Ambrosio. The mannequin was in fact unveiled once more his magnificent plastic on Instagram by posting a video of her new collection of swimwear. We can admire her stunning curves with the message ” the power of the Yantra “, the source of inspiration of these new models. Always see it as sexy from the top of its 38-year-old has also what we warm up a little. Like the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo with whom she had already asked, it would seem that the time has no effect on the brazilian. Tudo bem.

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βˆ‡βˆ†βˆ‡βˆ† The #YANTRAstyle is inspired by the geometry of the SRI YANTRA symbol. Downward pointing triangles represents feminine aspect of God, upward pointing triangles, the masculine. The central triangle is the giver of all perfection. In the middle of the central triangle is a point, the Bindu, representing pure consciousness and the original state of being. #NEWin #AvailableNow Film by πŸ“Έ @mhternes

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