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Alessandra Mastronardi Wedding: See Photos of Her Marriage to Gianpaolo Sannino

Alessandra Mastronardi Gets Married

Alessandra Mastronardi said “I do” in the Church of Santa Sofia in Anacapri in the afternoon of July 8th. Very emotional, she said yes to the man of her life Gianpaolo Sannino, a dentist by profession. In front of about 150 guests. The actress had first revealed her decision to marry to us, telling the sliding doors of life and the rediscovered love. Alessandra and Gianpaolo, in fact, had already known and fallen in love 17 years ago, only to lose and find each other again. This, according to her words, was their first meeting: “I was 20 years old and just finished the series of Cesaroni. Gianpaolo, who is four years older than me and from Salerno, had come to Rome to study Medicine at Sapienza. I was very sad because of the end of a relationship, I had been crying for weeks. No desire to go out, then one of my friends introduced us one evening. He said to me: “I’m going to introduce you to the man of your life, but don’t fall in love with him”. And I fell in love madly, in fact. It happened to him too: only we were young, Gianpaolo did not trust the world of entertainment, and he left me. An end that devastated me, I tried in every way to get back together with him but he was unmovable”.

The First Photo as Husband and Wife

Every now and then a phone call or a chance meeting, without ever really losing each other: “There were periods when I refused the call and there were others when he refused it, periods when I was busy and others when he was busy. But we met by chance”. In the end, the right time: “The last time we met by chance, however, we started talking again, then we saw each other at the wedding of the friends who had introduced us, two summers ago, and we never left each other again. It was such a relief …”. The marriage proposal arrived in Positano: “I had guessed that something would happen when he invited me to dinner in one of his favorite places, in a 50s style trattoria. We both started crying a lot. Someone must have thought we were leaving each other … But it was something so dreamed and desired, that it seemed impossible and that it was coming true. I didn’t even look at the ring, I think I saw it after more than an hour”.

The Night Before the Wedding

The night before the wedding, the two had celebrated at sunset, surrounded by old friends, with a flower wreath in their hair. Happy, very happy. The kiss, outside the church was a moment that will remain in the memory of those present forever.



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