Alessandro Graziani: “Serena Enardu and I hear with frequency, compared his times”

What happened between Alessandro Graziani and Serena Enardu during Temptation Island Vip has left you in suspense of the viewers of the reality that, although not for the liaison between the two, and have seen the end of the relationship between the 43-year-old and her boyfriend of Pag, with whom he had a history already for seven years. At the distance of some time from the end of the broadcast, speaking for the first time their bond off camera is the american actress who, in an interview to the magazine of Men and Women did not hesitate to tell what the condition

The declarations of Alessandro Graziani

The relationship between Alessandro Graziani and Serena Enardu not end with the end of the filming of Temptation Island Vip. He told the american in the first interview after his participation in the docu-reality show of Canale 5, which has marked the end of the relationship between the former tronista of sardinia, and the singer-songwriter who for 7 years has been his companion. Serena and Alessandro, the learn today, are continuing to feel:

To this question I preferred not to respond until today because I don’t think that the time has come to define our relationship. The truth is that me and Serena, we’re hearing with frequency, but for now there is nothing defined. Our bond, however, has definitely shown to go other the environment in which we lived, confirming that harmony which belongs to two people that understand you regardless of living situation. Immediately after the end of the program, we have approached so much because, feeling responsible for the difficult situation that Serena was experiencing, I wanted to stay by her side to the best of my ability.

The feelings of Alessandro Graziani, Serena Enardu

Although the desire to see it is really very strong, Alessandro Graziani still remains aloof, but does not forget what he has tried him next: “I’d like to see, spend time with her, because together we have been well and I am sure that having close riprovereì those emotions. But I know that this is not the time and, now, it is right to respect his time.” The american actress speaks without hesitation of what it feels like against Serena Enardu, the woman with whom he established an intense relationship and sincere. The 28-year-old spends the laden words estimate, in respect of the former, the protagonist of Men and Women, praising her to be a strong woman, but also very sweet, in addition to being a mother and a woman full of resources. Although :

I think that is a courageous woman that knows what she wants and that like all people, faced with the possible end of a relationship is so important, prefer to go all out to save it. Never put the masks: the one that I have known in the village is the same that I live today. I see a mom, a woman who wants to be happy, get out of satisfaction, and that it can also be very sweet. Our age difference, for me, is just a number: it all depends on how you spend the time that you have lived. I think even Serena in me has seen a mature person, because I don’t think you would ever stop only at the physical aspect