Alessandro Sallusti Wedding: Patrizia Groppelli Marries.


A Simple Ceremony

Alessandro Sallusti and Patrizia Groppelli said “yes”. The director of Libero and the TV opinionist were married on May 31st in Milan, with a civil ceremony officiated by Mayor Beppe Sala. A simple ceremony, in front of very few guests, only their respective families. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from. A ceremony that the couple wanted to keep secret, but the news leaked quickly.

A Doubly Happy Day

“I wanted to tell you myself! I couldn’t surprise you! But I’m very happy,” the newlywed wrote on Instagram, sharing a short video recorded in Lerici, where on Sunday, June 4th there was a second ceremony attended by the couple’s closest friends. A doubly happy day, the same as Patrizia Groppelli’s 50th birthday, who publicly thanked the guests, invited with the excuse of attending a party for her birthday, the friend stylist Lorenzo Serafini, who made her a dress in two days, and the husband: “He knows why,” she wrote in the message shared with followers. This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Recent History

Alessandro Sallusti and Patrizia Groppelli have been together since 2016. The two had already known each other for a long time and often went on holiday with Daniela Santanchè, who at the time was with Sallusti, and Prince Dimitri Kunz of Asburgo Lorena, Groppelli’s husband. Protagonists of an alleged betrayal, the latter soon got together (and still do today) the same fate for Sallusti and Groppelli, who just at that time unexpectedly got closer. The rest is recent history. The four outings are now archived, but everyone has found their happy ending.


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