Alexandra Lamy : this painful image that came to him first when the containment

Alexandra Lamy is a woman of conviction, who never hesitates to put his notoriety at the service of a cause that is dear to his heart. The actress has just revealed the first thing she had thought when the order of containment and decided to get involved in an association.

Alexandra Lamy



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This is a Alexandra Lamy on the front that our colleagues atMidi Libre,have met this Friday, may 22. In a pharmacy, surgical face mask on the face, the actress has decided to declare war on violence against women. “As soon as it is returned in the containment, this is the first thing that I thought about,” reveals Darling of A guy, a girl. I told myself that it was going to be very difficult for those that were going to end up confinéees with their tormentors, their torturers. “Happy to see the pharmacy as a point where women who have suffered abuse may report it, it is with the bags, where the emergency number is written in big that the actress has appeared in the media. ” There is something close, less scary in the pharmacies and in the police stations or gendarmeries, “notes the actress. We can pass messages in a soft way and say we are there, we can help you. “

A highlight for Alexandra Lamy

Believe that the authorities read in the spirit of Alexandra Lamy. When the force of the Hérault, and then one of the Gard came to me to ask if I could come and support them, “says the actress to France 3, I obviously accepted. I like to commit myself. Be the godmother of this information operation aimed at combating domestic violence has a meaning. “In all, 200 000 reusable bags and recyclable with slogans like get Out of the cycle of violence within the couple and Say Stop ! have been manufactured and distributed. At the end of his intervention, Alexandra Lamy gave a figure that is cold in the back. In France, during the two months of confinement, acts of domestic violence have increased by 36%.