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Alexandre Coste Grimaldi: 2nd son of Albert of Monaco: “Not illegitimate”

Alexandre Coste’s Relationship with his Father

August 24th, Alexandre Coste Grimaldi, the second son of Albert of Monaco, spoke for the first time about his life and his relationship with his father, but above all about the things that hurt him the most during his childhood: being called an “illegitimate son“. “It’s an insult”, said the boy in an interview with Point de Vue, “Neither of my parents were engaged or married to someone else, they didn’t commit adultery”, he explains, saying he is ready to sue anyone who calls him that. Born from a brief relationship of the prince with the Togolese hostess Nicole Coste, Alexandre was born in Paris in 2003 and has always lived with his mother, although he often saw his father who – he assures – never made him feel his absence. At the Palace, in any case, he was always well received, so much so that Princess Stéphanie, Albert’s younger sister, was chosen as his godmother. In the past, however, tensions have not been lacking: “Albert hasn’t seen our son for seven months”, Nicole Coste said in 2014 to the Daily Mail, pointing the finger at Charlène Wittstock, the prince’s wife, guilty (according to the woman) of hindering the relationship between the two.

Misunderstandings are Now Behind

A feud that has resurfaced in the months of the princess’s illness: “It’s karma”, the Coste said in an interview. Words “inopportune”, Albert replied at the time. Everything is over, at least it seems. The woman is often seen in the Principality; she was also present at the celebrations of Santa Devota, patron saint of the kingdom, in 2022, a sign that the misunderstandings are now behind. Alexandre Coste with his mother Nicole ©Getty Images.

Alexandre’s Dreams and Future

Alexandre, for his part, would have an excellent relationship with his father, despite there being no prominent role in his future because the Monegasque law does not include children born out of wedlock in the dynastic line. The boy, however, certainly does not think of the throne. Passionate about fashion, he dreams of working in the fashion world, although he has confessed to Point de Vue that he does not see himself walking the runway. While waiting to clear his ideas, he is studying business administration in the UK and among the things he dreams of is also founding a charity. Alexandre, Jazmin and the twins Jacques and Gabriella ©IPA. The boy has an excellent relationship with his older sister Jazmin, 31, whom the prince had from the American Tamara Rotolo (she was recognized in 2006) while he does not mention either Charlène Wittstock or his younger brothers Jacques and Gabriella, 8. The first will ascend the throne after his father, the second will probably have a prominent role in the dynamics of the Principality, as is the case today for Aunt Carolina. Different destinies, but still brothers.



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