Alix (Marseille) attacked by police officers Spanish : it reveals more photos of his injuries

Alix does not always of his hectic evening in Spain. The candidate of Marseille revealed that she had been the victim of police violence. It has unveiled new photos of his injuries.

It is the shock to Alix. His stay in Spain turned into a nightmare as she revealed the story of his account Instagram. After the broadcast on the social networks by Aqababe a video showing a violent altercation with police, the candidate of Marseille has entrusted to his people that has been victim of police violence, just as his friend Samy, who has been “beaten“. “I went to the hospital, they refused to get a lawyer. To me, they have stolen my phone. I had posted the police beating Samy. It is for this reason that I have caught ! I was outside and I just filmed. I told them : ’stop hitting my friend because I’m filming’. They have caught me and have beaten it,” she explained, revealing his arms covered in bruises. Worse, Alix provides that a police officer “choked her with both hands” and placed his knee on his chest. Still frightened, the young woman has asked her fans to send all of their videos if they were on the premises at the time of the facts because she did not intend to let it go.

“I have the whole throat swollen”

On his account Instagram, she has continued to give its new, ensuring thatshe had demonstrated no violence against the police officers Spanish and she was completely sober. “I need these videos because I don’t drink, I’m not a drug addict. Also, I’m going to do a blood test to put it in my folder because I am innocent and I am a victim of the situation !”, she assured, revealing to have a very good lawyer in Spain. “I’m never going to let this go ! Ever !”, she stated, evoking once again his injuries. I have the whole throat swollen, she revealed. Alix also suffers from pains in the legs. She said that he had also received “an injection on the buttock,” because she “could no longer walk because they (l’)were plated on the ground”. “Don’t worry, we’re fine. We just need to rest,” she added, before revealing other photos troubling of his injuries. On these photos, you can see, in fact, a massive bruise on his rib cage, where a police officer would have rested his knee. She has also immortalized the marks of strangulation on his neck. Alix has also published the photo of his back covered by a huge bruise after he was lying on a sidewalk. Photos glaçantes.