Alix (Marseille) attacked by police officers Spanish : the version of the authorities unveiled

At the end of the month of July, Alix Desmoineaux, candidate of Marseille, revealed to have been assaulted by police officers during an arrest in Marbella in Spain. A different version of the one that the authorities have delivered.

Alix – Marseille



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The events took place last July 30. Alix Desmoineaux, known for his participation in the reality show The people of Marseille, revealed on his account Instagram have been a victim of police violence in Marbella, Spain, where she was enjoying a holiday with a friend : “It has been abused by the police, stated she. To me, they have stolen my phone. I had posted the police beating Samy. […] They have me caught, and I have beaten “. Videos have circulated on social networks, unveiling the images of the attack against the candidate and the man who accompanied her would have been victims. Alix had in the aftermath revealed the many bruises that the altercation had left on the body : “I am innocent and I am a victim of the situation !” she said. A version with which police officers accused persons are not really in agreement.

The police reacts

According to the authorities, the police officers present on the spot were the original full recording of the facility for noise nuisance : “At the same time, the security staff was out of an individual because, according to them, he would walk in their premises without a protective mask while disturbing and pushing the other customers. He was aggressive with them and with the security personnel when the request has been made to comply with the rules of prevention health in the face of the Covid-19. The police reported that the individual was acting aggressively, yelling and trying to attack continuously the staff of the institution “, reveals TV Mag. Seeing his friend making out, Alix is thus made : “A woman rushed to the officers, insulting them, in their kicking and clawing. […] They continued to attack and to attack the security personnel of the institution, despite the efforts of one of their colleague who has tried, without success, to calm them down by working with the police.”

Once taken to the post, Alix and his friend would have continued to act with aggression, ” kicking in the doors of the vehicle, shouting and threatening the officers by saying that she was very well known in France, she was working in television, she had two million followers on the social networks and that it would “destroy us” “. The police in Marbella said : “We only intervened to help deal with the two individuals and to avoid the disturbance of public order. Our agents have received numerous blows given by the two prisoners who have committed an offence against the authority “.