All in the kitchen : Cyril Lignac sharing a great news with his fans

While Everyone in the kitchen had to end with the déconfinement, Cyril Lignac has finally agreed to extend his luscious daily meeting with the viewers of M6. Find out until when !

No one was ready for such a crisis. The word-order has, therefore, been the adaptation. This is the case in all sectors, including that of the tv. During this containment, if some shows have been purely and simply deprogrammed, others have seen the light of day. Like All in the kitchen on the M6. Every evening, live from her own kitchen, Cyril Lignac cooks delicious dishes, surrounded by celebrities and anonymous – via video-conferencing. The concept is simple but efficient : for a time, he made a main dish and a dessert that can be easily reproduced by the viewers, while bringing them the good mood, thanks to his sidekick, Jerome Anthony. The result is up to expectations. The appointment became inescapable. It is a real success.

Yet, the famous leader has never hidden that he is a show ephemeral. “This show can only last the time of the confinement, and it is this that is beautiful. In the end, I raccrocherai gloves. I can’t present a daily program, I have my restaurants, my pastries, my teams. This is my life, ” he explained recently. As much as it works without a doubt hard on the opening of Ischia, the restaurant and instead of the Fifteenth. And then, the shooting of the Best pastry chef and My cake is the best of France, his new show will resume probably by the summer.

All in the kitchen extended to the…

So the production started already to think about ” to perpetuate in one way or another, the kitchen live on the M6 ! “. But there is a catch : despite the déconfinement, the restaurants are not close to re-open. What to do good business in the chain. This allows you to Cyril Lignac to stay available to present All in the kitchen. As well, strong of its success, the program has already been extended for the first time until may 15. But Cyril Lignac will not ultimately bid farewell to the end of this week. It will be alive and well again for almost a month. Good news for aficionados of the chef’s recipes, since, according to the latest information provided by the channel, the show will air until at least Friday, June 5 !