All of the techniques to have lashes “wow effect” to the Lucy Boynton

Let’s face it. To have eyelashes at Lucy Boynton, one of those extra-long, perfectly curled, and the volume exaggerated, like to a little to all. In a moment, give the look a look bold and sensual. To help the actress to pull off all his side all the more alluring is the make-up artist Jo Baker, the author of its make-up, ultra-scenic and looks crazy.

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L U C Y • B O Y N T O N 🇬🇧 Lavender disc dolly… #lucyboynton for #vanityfairoscarparty … I wanted to bring out the soft and pretty heather / pastel lavender tone from the dreamy @miumiu dress but also kick up the fun factor for the after party mood!!! Style @leithclark #miumiu Hair @jennychohair Makeup by me #jobakermakeupartist using @welovecoco … I applied #levolumerévolutiondechanel mascara for the maximum volume and length in shade #deeperos #27 (deep maroon plum) … on top of her daytime black mascara to knock back the dark black inky lashes I know that Lucy’s eyes had an overall soft and purply haze…. 🎆 #welovecoco #workingwithchanel and thank you @lemonhead.the for the glitter palette 🤍

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To re-create the same effect? The more fortunate ones, that have real “fans” of nature, can emphasize the intensity with some generous pass of the mascara, but also for all the other not said the last word.

The beauty world in the last few years is equipped , refining more and more advanced techniques to give lashes the wow effect. From the solid to the extension, from rolling to the volume in Russian, and much more. But what are the differences and the results you can get? We collected them in detail with the help of beauty expert of Treatwell, a platform for online booking for beauty and wellness treatments.

“It is an effective technique that ensures lashes are thick, up to four weeks. The treatment consists in a thickening of the natural lashes with synthetic fibers there are several techniques, time different sitting that can touch the 2 hours if you are applying Swarovski or lashes colored. In all cases, the final effect is a wow. During treatment you can also apply a reduced number of cilia. For example, who may want to apply them only on the outer part of the eye for a cat eye. Their duration varies depending on the natural growth of the eyelashes. Typically, they can last from three weeks to a month. Require adjustments regular, approximately every two-three weeks (to have them always full). If, instead, you want to remove them, there are two solutions: or you waiting for the natural fall, and then the replacement of the natural eyelashes, or return to the salon to remove them with a special remover. The price of the treatment varies between 50 and 90 euros. Extensions are recommended to those who want lashes thick and long-lasting without the constant use of mascara.”

“To make the difference, here, is the mode of application. Before starting it is necessary to separate the natural eyelashes, one at a time: by using a paste special, very light, eyelashes, synthetic adhere perfectly to the natural lashes. This method of applying eye lashes (one to one) allows you to obtain a natural effect: their eyelashes are, however, at the same time, more long and curved, so the look will be more open and more intense than before. You can apply from 80 to 120 lashes. This treatment – the cost of which varies between € 50 and € 100 – can last from 3 to 5 weeks, depends on the natural fall of your eyelashes. It is recommended to those who search for a natural effect and has no contraindications: it is always good to do a preliminary test to rule out any allergies (for example, to glue).c

“The Russian volume – the price of which varies from 90 to 120 euros – is a technical extension that provides for the application of eyelashes synthetic for lightweight in a variety of lengths for an effect that is multi-dimensional. Compared to the technical one to one, in this case the volume effect is much more pronounced because extension multiple are applied to a single natural eyelash. You can get to apply up to 400 lashes, synthetic eye: these are applied one at a time on the upper eyelid and the lower, giving rise to a fan effect. The synthetic fibers employed have a length different from that of the natural eyelashes, and are projected in different directions, so as to give a dual effect of volume and lengthening. The uniqueness of this technique is guaranteed by the remarkable thinness of the lashes used: in the proceedings are not exploited synthetic fibres and plastics, but the materials are so light as to be almost impalpable. In the face of extraordinary volume, then, the extension lashes volume Russian have a lower weight with respect to the extension of the traditional. The session can last from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the plant extension chosen, while the final effect of about 3-4 weeks.”

“The rolling – the price of which varies from 45 euro to 100 euro – consiste in bending, dyeing, and the restructuring of the natural lashes. This treatment will thicken your natural eyelashes with a serum based on vitamins and substances such as keratin, that revitalizes, strengthens and moisturizes in depth with a shutter speed of about an hour. The procedure includes cleaning of the work area around the eyes, then moves to the curvature of the eyelashes through the use of molds, silicone and finally you proceed to the application of the nourishing serum. This technique is very delicate and it is essential to use high-quality products. The lamination process promises to last up to three weeks approximately. However, you need to arm yourself with patience, because you will need at least 3 or 4 sessions to see visible results. It is recommended to those who want a very natural effect.”

The permanent increases, the curvature of the lashes to intensify the look , and it is often associated with a coloration, which darkens the lashes to make them more visible. The beautician will do a allergic test prior to starting work with micro spazzoline delicate and choose which “curler” to use. In fact, can be chosen different measures depending on the curvature of the more or less extreme that you want to get. The curler must be shaped to fit the natural curve of the eye. You fixed the curler adhesive on the eyelid and in this phase, apply the appropriate glue to secure the lashes in this position, bent and the lotion softening”. After 10-15 minutes of exposure you eliminate the lotion and move on to the lotion, curve real. Then you remove the curler. The duration of the treatment – the price of which can fluctuate between 40 and 90 euros – is about two-three weeks. The new lashes that grow will replace the most “old” that they have undergone treatment.”

“The application of mascara, semi-permanent, lasts a half an hour or so around and has various steps: the upper lashes are cleaned, combed, isolated from the lower ones, treated with a primer, curled with an eyelash curler electric, and colored with a black paste, spread with a micro-brush. The name mascara semi-permanent, should not mislead: the special paste that is applied is not a real mascara, and it lasts for 3 or 4 weeks at the most. The final effect is that of a great mascara volumizing, without any trace of lumps. The eyes open and eyes become intense, the lashes appear more black and therefore more long. This treatment – the price of which varies from 20 to 50 euros – it is particularly recommended to those who have long eyelashes, but the light-colored or for those who prefer to wear makeup on a daily basis.”

“The colouring of lashes and eyebrows is the ideal way to look dressed up with minimal effort, as it is ideal to give the eyes a perfect definition without the need of make-up. For the coloring (that you spend between 15 to 40 euros) it takes about 15-20 minutes. The effect lasts about a month, but it depends on the time of regrowth. You can choose a color that is complementary or that create a contrast with the natural hue of the eyes, skin and hair. The black is a classic, brown is the most natural and, for special occasions, you can always enhance with mascara.”