Alma Bollo: Unprecedented Privileges After ‘Supervivientes’ Eviction


Alma Bollo’s Emotional Farewell

After almost 100 days in ‘Survivors’, Alma Bollo has been expelled from the contest, in a tense gala in which she faced Bosco and her great friend Jonan. The young woman said goodbye to her companions, in an emotional farewell in which there were no lack of tears or wishes for their own to reach the final.

Surprising Treatment After Expulsion

But what shocked the audience of the gala last night was not the farewell of Raquel Bollo’s daughter, since she was not one of the contestants who aroused the most affection in the audience, but the treatment she received afterwards from the program. While in other expulsions (since there is no exile), the contestants leave the Palapa and are not seen again, the host made a subsequent connection with Alma and gave her a nice surprise: the live call from her mother.

Party to Celebrate 100 Days on the Island

But that has not been the only gift that the organization has made to Manuel Cortés’ sister. And it is that, next Saturday, Alma will briefly return to the beach to meet with her companions and attend a party! Despite being expelled, the young woman will be able to enjoy an evening with the still contestants to celebrate 100 days on the island. “They will have a party with a bang,” explained the host.


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