Amanda Bynes famous for its sobriety : the strange video apology

Amanda Bynes continues her recovery process from addiction. The actress has published a message to those she has offended on Instagram for the celebration of a full year without drugs.

Amanda Bynes has used its subscribers in escapades of all kinds. To celebrate a year without excess, it was held to send a message, as it is of rigor, to all those whom it has injured. The output process of addiction, popularized by Alcoholics Anonymous include this step as a crucial point of recovery healthy. Not only is she on the road to recovery, but it is also the case of his new fiancé, Paul Michael, “the best person in the world,” according to the commission, which began the same process at his side. In a video Instagram, the actress 33 years has expressed regrets… quite peculiar : ” I present my apologies to those that I have treated of ugly on Twitter, I felt so lousy myself at this time and it was very hard for me to say because I was too drugged, now I stayed sober for more than a year, as Paul. “

A descent to the underworld mediated

The facts date back to 2013, when Amanda Bynes began by describing the rapper legend Jay-Z “ugly”, and then her ex-boyfriend Kid Cudi. Later, the young woman has dared to take on Rihanna ! This episode, widely reported in the media constituted one of the peaks of instability of the actress. After a great popularity in the 1990s following her roles in All that and The Amanda Show, she is seen as one of the actresses the most promising of his generation, alongside the Olsen twins and Lindsay Lohan. However, in spite of the leading roles in romantic comedies, his career is experiencing a significant slowdown and a complete halt in 2010. The interpreter of Daphne Reynolds in What dream the girls fight against mental health problems, that caused, in particular in 2013 and 2014 as a result of these attacks, stays in hospital. Although a video of the seemingly spontaneous and a bit crazy, the actress concluded with these words ” I love you and I am so happy now because I have everything that I am supposed to have.” She had announced her engagement the day of the St. Valentine’s day, before I reveal the upcoming launch of her own line of clothing, it would seem, therefore, that his situation is improving on all fronts…

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