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Amandine Pellissard: Did She Abandon Her Cats with Moving? Truth Revealed.

A Sumptuous Villa for the Pellissards

It is a new chapter for Amandine and Alexandre Pellissard. On June 16th, 2023, after countless twists and turns, the couple and their eight children moved into a sumptuous villa in the south of France. A new cozy nest which they unveiled exclusively in the last Baby Story video by Jeremstar published last June 11th on YouTube. Wanting the best for their offspring, the main protagonists traded their old “shabby” home for another of grand luxury which has had the merit of arousing passions on social networks.

Cats Given Away for the Sake of the Dog

However, Amandine Pellissard and her husband also had to make some concessions. On Instagram, their followers were numerous to question the absence of their cats. On June 20th, during a live broadcast on the famous social network, the two stars revealed on Familles nombreuses: la vie en XXL bounced back on the subject. “I already answered,” the mother of the family then let out before adding a bit annoyed. “We gave them away: one part to the neighbor, the other to a lady who already has cats. That’s four times I’ve said it,” added the one who is pregnant again. To avoid rumors, her husband provided other details about their choice: “The problem is that with the dog, it was very bad. They were no longer happy at our place because they were no longer at our place. As soon as he saw the dog, they were in panic.” After weighing the pros and cons, the Pellissards finally decided: “We preferred to give them away so they could be happy. We gave them to a lady and they are very very good [with her].”

A New Child on the Way

In a few months, Leo’s parents will welcome a new child: a little girl due in November who will be named Maéna. “I find it very beautiful. We’ve been loving this name for a long time,” Alexandre Pellissard recently revealed on the web. “We thought we would never have a daughter or a child again. It took me so long to get pregnant that the second name will be Désirée,” added his half, filled with this surprise pregnancy. Before emphasizing, not without emotion and paying tribute to his father who passed away in May: “The root of my father’s name is Désir, so it makes sense.”



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