Amandine Pellissard Pregnant, Suffering from Issues: 3 Months Along.


Amandine Pellissard’s Difficult Pregnancy

Once a celebrity and adult film star, Amandine Pellissard is used to making her private life public. Currently pregnant, the former star of the show “Familles nombreuses : la vie en XXL” does Instagram lives every week to give updates on her pregnancy. A few weeks after receiving new threatening letters and learning of her father’s death, Alexandre’s wife is now suffering from minor health problems. On Sunday, May 21, 2023, in the evening, Amandine Pellissard confided about her general physical condition. At only three and a half months pregnant, she is already very tired and can observe significant physical changes. “I find that I already have big problems with my legs. My ankles are all swollen. This morning, I realized that I could no longer see the bones of my ankles, the inner bone and the outer bone,” she explained with the frankness that she is known for. But what worries the mother of eight the most is the extreme precocity of her small problems.

High Risk Pregnancy

While these minor inconveniences are apparently not much, they are added to a pregnancy already considered “high risk”. Indeed, Amandine Pellissard being on methadone treatment due to her complicated past, especially concerning her relationship with drugs, it is very possible that the baby to come will become involuntarily dependent… “There are a lot of factors to take into account, so of course you have to be very careful, be very careful. And it’s true that when I’m pregnant, I’m watched like a hawk! (…) I’m really crossing my fingers, I thank God: it’s never happened to me, none of my children have had withdrawal syndrome. But it’s always complicated to live a serene pregnancy with this weight on your shoulders, the stupid things you did between 17 and 19 years old…” she explained in March 2023, in the course of another Instagram live.


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