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Amandine Pellissard proud mother: son Leo succeeds in a big step!

The Pellissard Family is Busy

The last few months have been full of emotions for the whole Pellissard family. Between the announcement of the pregnancy, the move to a beautiful luxury villa, days at the beach or by the pool and the mother of the family’s new projects, it can be said that the Pellissard’s daily life is quite busy!

Léo Passes his French Baccalaureate

But now that the summer holidays are officially here, the whole tribe can finally take a breath, including the eldest son Léo who just found out he passed his French baccalaureate. For Amandine Pellissard, this news is a real relief. On Tuesday, July 11th 2023, as usual, she grabbed her phone to announce the good news to her followers. “Léo got his French baccalaureate scores this morning. Written: 10/20 and Oral 18/20. Well done my son!“, she wrote in the caption of a photo of the results. An announcement that should calm down the malicious internet users who, in recent days, kept asking if the young man had passed his exam or not… For the whole tribe, the summer holidays can officially start!

Amandine Pellissard’s Projects

But if Amandine Pellissard and her husband Alexandre are preparing to spend two days in Cap d’Agde, their minds are still buzzing. Recently, the pregnant mother of nine revealed that she was getting into coaching, in order to guide subscribers who wish to open their own account on an exclusive content platform. “Many of you don’t know how to start things, how to develop your business or how to make it sustainable. I receive a lot of requests every day and it’s not possible for me to manage all of this on a daily basis. So, I’ve been thinking about something for a few weeks: offering a communication workshop”, she then explained. It is therefore thanks to two formulas, a “basic” and a “premium” that she intends to help her subscribers. A few days later, she also announced that she was “thinking more and more” about “launching a range of clothes for pregnant women”. One thing is certain: Amandine Pellissard does not intend to stop working, despite the summer and despite her current pregnancy…



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