Ambra Angiolini presents the daughter Jolanda Renga, the fans: “You have the same smile”

Ambra Angiolini presents her daughter Jolanda Renga on Instagram: “Dress in ‘way of smiles’ and I think I want to stay forever”. Words very sweet in this photo, which also bears a tag for Jolanda, here censored in the respect of the child. The image, however, is everywhere, shared and commented on social networks. A photo prevedebilmente, has made full of like. Both hooded in the rain, Amber and Jolanda have received also comments vip Paola Turci and Giorgia.

Who is Jolanda Renga

Jolanda Renga has fifteen years. Class of 2004, is the elder sister of Leonardo, who was born two years later. On Instagram, his profile is private but the bio there is a quote of “Bring me the horizon” and it is a pleasure that, in the midst of such traps, there is still someone that listens to rock formations. That is the influence of father Francis?

you can run but you can’t hide
time won’t help you
‘cause karma has no deadline

Great appreciation on social for photos of both. And the comments and congratulations to Jolanda is wasted: “You have taken the best of both”. Paola Turci writes: “You are equal”. And Giorgia , instead, leave a little heart. Other admirers instead, write: “The same eyes and the same smile mischievous mom”.

The relationship between Ambra Angiolini and Massimiliano Allegri

After the relationship with Francesco Renga and Ambra Angiolini has found love with the Italian coach Massimiliano Allegri. In a recent interview, Ambra Angiolini has confessed she has a great relationship with the former Juventus coach

Smiles from God, and are two years that I laugh before sbloccavo the aperture crying, now I laugh. And I think this is already a good thing. When you get mature a choice to have another story or find a situation like this, or don’t put in the game.