Ambra Angiolini, the selfie with the daughter Jolanda: two drops of water

Waterproof black hood on his head to shelter from the rain and a big smile: so Ambra Angiolini and her daughter Jolanda give you a good morning for followers on Instagram. The bad weather will not stop their good humor, that when they are together there is never a lack.

Impossible not to notice the great somiglainza between the two, as noted in the comments also Paola Turci: “Equal”. Mother and daughter are full of like and earn hundreds of compliments.

Jolanda, 15 years old, is the eldest that Amber has had from the ex-mate Francesco Renga. In 2006 also came Leonardo, their second son, who is more like dad. One even ball in the center, in the family, the beauty is in the dna.

Amber: “Rest in Brescia for my children”

Despite the separation, which took place in 2015, Ambra Angiolini has chosen to remain living in Brescia, a city of Renga, in order not to alienate the children from dad. The two have managed to find a new balance, especially important for their children. “I went to Brescia to love, a crazy love. Continue to stay in Brescia is still love,” had declared the actress.

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Dress in “the way of her smile” and I think I want to stay forever. @jolandarenga #mammaefiglia

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