Amedeo Minghi and his wife, Elena, Paladin, 40 years of love, then the pain of death: “Unacceptable”


In the course of the third evening of the Sanremo Festival in 2020, airing Thursday, February 6, viewers will have the opportunity to hear again the unmistakable and beloved voice of Amedeo Minghi. In fact, the artist will be the protagonist of one of the duets. With Rita Pavone will sing her song ‘1950′. In the private lives of Minghi, the pain of the death of his wife , Elena, Paladin.

The love story of Amedeo Minghi and Elena Paladino

Between Amedeo Minghi and Elena Paladino is one of those love stories that seem to exist only in the movies. The understanding between them was total from the outset. The classic lightning strike with an intensity of affection which never failed. In 1973 they married and soon after was born their first daughter, Annesa. Later, you come to Alma. Elena was close to Amedeo Minghi throughout his career, and was always ready to encourage him when the artist began to doubt the choice they made. For example, in 1983 he participated in the Sanremo Festival with the song ‘1950′. However, he could not live that experience. Fortunately, there was the wife at his side:

“I didn’t want to do it that Sanremo, in fact, I arrived the latest. My wife was coming to san remo for the final and had bought a beautiful outfit. I have thought several times to retire, she has always supported. Me back on the right path in a couple of occasions where I was and slam seriously.”

Elena Paladino died in his sleep in 2014

On the 7th of January 2014 suddenly everything has changed. Amedeo Minghi and Elena Paladino went to sleep. The morning after, the tragedy. Elena Paladino died in her sleep. A trauma that the singer has managed to overcome only with the help of his daughters. In an interview with Diva e Donna, Amedeo Minghi said:

“Now I talk to, I greet you, she is with me more than before. I am a believer. Before, when she was alive, was not at all my gigs, now there is always. What am I missing her? It remains only, and a solitude so immense, in spite of the good fortune of having children and grandchildren. The room from the bed. Sleeping alone is difficult, there is always an eye that goes above and beyond in a vacuum. The night wake up, turn around and go to do a caress to those who are not there anymore. Death in sleep is the death of the angels. For those who are dying is the best. For those who live, the agony is great. In my case, it has no end. There is this thing suspended, is incomprehensible and unacceptable. After 40 years together. And now? What do I do? What happens? My daughters have helped me a lot”.


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