Home Celebrity Scoop Ana Maria Aldon reunites with Ortega Cano after one year apart.

Ana Maria Aldon reunites with Ortega Cano after one year apart.

Celebration of José Luis López’s 60th Birthday

The well-known entrepreneur José Luis López ‘El Turronero’ celebrated his 60th birthday this weekend with a spectacular party that was remembered for a long time. More than 3,000 guests attended, including Bertín Osborne, Fabiola Martínez, Francisco Rivera and Lourdes Montes, Susanna Griso, María Zurita, Vicky Martín Berrocal, Chenoa, Elena Tablada, Eva González, María José Suárez and Álvaro Muñoz Escassi, Joaquín Sánchez, Víctor Janeiro and Beatriz Trapote … and Ana María Aldón, José Ortega Cano and Gloria Camila.

Ana María’s Reunion with Ex-Husband and Sister of Rocío Carrasco

Although the gaditana and the bullfighter had met privately on several occasions since their separation 9 months ago, and publicly showed their harmony at the First Communion of their son José María in May, the daughter of Rocío Jurado had not yet seen the face with the ex-wife of her father. A reunion about which none wanted to comment on their arrival at the party of ‘El Turronero’, sufficiently crowded so that they did not have to cross each other at any time. However, and as Ana María herself has confirmed, she did coincide with Ortega Cano and with Gloria Camila during the birthday. “Yes, yes, of course,” she revealed, and, as she assures, “everything was correct”.

Ana María’s New Relationship

Ana María attended the party alone, leaving us wanting to see her first official pose with her new boyfriend, an attractive man with blue eyes and fifty-something years old who, as she recognizes, has returned the illusion in love: “I feel like the woman of his life, he makes me feel that I am his priority and although we have been together for a short time we have said many things and it makes me very happy”. she acknowledged. However, this happiness could be disturbed since the paparazzi Sergio Garrido, Ana María’s companion in ‘Fiesta’, assures that he has some compromising images of her boyfriend that he will share with her next weekend on the program and that could affect her incipient relationship. “I have followed the couple and I have seen strange things, details, images, moments. I don’t like these things. I think she is much more in love than he is. The information I have is very hard,” said the photographer, literally leaving the ex-wife of Ortega Cano, “very bad host”. “If you want to help me out, do it privately, which is what friends do,” the designer reproached him, who will have to wait a few days to see what his new boyfriend hides.



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