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Ana Obregón Alessandro Lequio: Granddaughter awaits at home

Ana Obregón’s Public Appearance

In her first public appearance after becoming the mother of Ana Sandra, Ana Obregón did not disappoint. The expectation aroused by the presenter gathered 50 media at the The Westin Palace hotel, to witness the social presentation of the book ‘El chico de las musarañas’, the text that Aless Lequio started to write when he was diagnosed with cancer and that his mother has finished, thus paying him a last tribute.

Alessandro Lequio and Ana Obregón Face Each Other

Alessandro Lequio and Ana Obregón faced each other during the live connection of ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’. Leaving behind the mourning she still carries in her soul, Ana appeared with a look full of colorful flowers. As she entered the room, she heard her son’s voice inside her saying ‘Brava, mamma’. Because she was clear: what Aless had not accomplished due to his cursed cancer, she would do it for him. It was her mission and what saved her from suicide.

Ana Obregón’s Displeasure with Alessandro Lequio

The presenter did not disappoint and answered almost everything and among other declarations, she said: “Aless taught me that everything you do in this life with love has an echo in eternity. And that’s all I’ve done since he left, trying, with love, to do everything he would have liked and could not do.” So she, who after Aless’s death set as her life goal to fulfill the wishes he could not fulfill, has finished it for him. “It is written by a mother with a mutilated heart, with red ink of blood,” she expressed. And during the press conference she expressed her displeasure with Alessandro Lequio, accusing him of not having called her in a month. The Italian, who was in the studio of ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ when they connected live to the presentation, did not shut up and told her that this was not true, and then launched into talking about the book and what has been said about it. “I find it tremendous that they say it is a wonderful story. That a 27-year-old boy has died is not wonderful. It is a story of terror, and of the worst terror,” he declared bluntly. Unaffected by these words, Ana told him that he would always be welcome to meet his granddaughter. “Since we separated he has had the keys. Your granddaughter is waiting for you. Aless would be happy”.



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